Our staff at Redlands Primary School


                           Lynsey                       Sue                        Leanna                      Justine                           Tryphaena                    Jo


Breakfast Club – £5.00

After School Club collection by 4.30pm – £7.00

After School Club collection by 5.45pm – £10.00

The club provides a range of resources such as lego, small world, colouring, board games, jigsaw puzzles and many more.  The resources are rotated in order to keep the children entertained.  We also plan daily activities across all our settings that are linked to current topics being followed in the school.


  • If a child is going to be absent from a session, parents must notify the Club in advance.


  •  If a child is absent without explanation, staff will contact the parents or carers and the school to check where the child should be. If there is no explanation for the absence the Club will activate the Missing Child procedure.


  • The Club will try to discover the causes of prolonged and unexplained absences. Regular absences could indicate that a child or their family might need additional support.

We offer breakfast and after school care for pupils of Grange Infant & Junior Schools.

Infant School children are taken to their classrooms direct at the end of breakfast club. Junior children are walked to the Junior School by a member of TJ’s staff once dismissed from club.

At after school club, a member of TJ’s staff will be ready to collect all Infant children from their classrooms and take them to TJs Club.  Junior children are met at the Junior school gate and walked to club.

All children are signed in to the register when they arrive at club and are signed out when they leave by TJ’s staff.

Our setting can be entered via the Infant playground and following the signs.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

To enable us to operate during the Covid-19 pandemic, TJ’s Club have carried out a full risk assessment which has been agreed by the school.  Click here to read the risk assessment.