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Summer Term 

This term has seen a change to the structure to after school club, giving the children the opportunity to sign up for two activities each evening.  Everyone has adapted well and the children enjoy having the extra choice of what to do with their time.  

Here's some of what we've been up to!

craft mothers day 2  craft st patricks day

den building web website maps   website maps 1  

website lego models small

Spring Term 2017 

Happy New Year to everyone!

We started the New Year making resolution wands and it was very interesting to see some of the New Years resolutions the children came up with!

website Jan 1  website Jan 2  website Jan 3 

Linking our craft themes to the class topics, the children have made Roman coins, drawn maps and painted starfish with puffy paint (shaving foam, paint and glue!)

webisite coins1  website coins2  website coins3  

website maps 1  website maps  We made the paper look old by using tea!

website craft starfish

Our challenges have included a balloon powered car, making a code breaker, and creating geometric shapes using cocktail sticks and sweets, which some of us thought made great hats!.

website challenge  website challenge 1

We have also welcomed Charley to the team.  Charley is with us on a traineeship from Fareham College and has settled in very well forming good relationships with both children and staff alike.

 website Jan 4

Miley and Penny were very keen to show off the house and garden they made using the lego. 

website lego models small

We were alo very impressed with how well the children worked together to create these models.

We wish you all a great half term!


Autmn Term 2016 Second Half

The children have had a great second half to the Autumn Term.  We are now linking our crafts to the themes covered by each year group within school and this half term they have included Mayan Masks, Fire Breathing Dragons, Leaf hedgehogs and Stone Age Necklaces. 


 The Christmas party saw lots of fun and laughter as we held many games including the old favourites such as musical statues and musical bumps as well as some new ones; monkey’s tail and snowball fight.  We’re sure all the children slept well that night after partying all afternoon at school as well – I know we did!!

party dancing1The children love showing us their creations

website 9                                                              website Jake monster truck  website 1  website 2

Charlotte showed us how brilliantly she can write her name.    We also had several models made including Jakes monster truck.

The children all helped to recreate the mosaic stepping stones that were unfortunately damaged earlier this year.  We hope you will agree that these will look lovely in our garden in the New Year.

website 3  website 4  website 5  website 6

Autumn Term 2016 First Half

The start of the Autumn Term saw us welcome many new childremn to TJ's and a couple of new staff members, all of whom have settled in very well.  During the first week back, we had a couple of very useful, fun and informative First Aid sessions for the children run by Jan Corner of Cornerstone Training.  The children learnt how to do chest compressions and resuscitation, how to put someone in the recovery position and how to do simple bandaging.  Jan also provided each child with a small booklet to take home reaffirming what they had learnt.

  first aid 5 web  first aid 6 web 

first aid 3 web  first aid 4 web  first aid 1 web 

first aid 7 web

All the children throorughly enjoyed this experience and some even went home and practised on their parents!

Our craft themes this term have been Mayans, Toys and Volcanoes.  We loved the Mayan masks the children designed and made from clay.

Mayan 1 web  Mayan 2 web  Mayan 3 web

We love seeing what the children create using the toys we have, and it is lovely when they are so proud of what they have done and ask for it to be shown  Some of the amazing creations this term have included:

Harry and Elizabeth built this amazing fairground ride which actually moved

Amy drew this beautiful picture which she was very proud of (check out her drawing of TJ's staff on our 'Meet the Staff' page)  

Grace and Hayden made this fantastic picture using our mosaic toy ably assisted by Sam and Sabrina

 construct 1 web Amy pic   mosaic toy web